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10 Fun activities for kids teepee

10 Fun activities for kids teepee

We've been so excited to hear about all the fun ways that kids have been enjoying their teepee that we wanted to share some of them with you too.

1. Set up a circus
With the right toys, your kid’s teepee will transform from teepee to circus tent. Send their stuffed animals and other toys into their tent, and let your child be the ringmaster.

2.  Learn how other children used teepees first
Use the teepee as an opportunity to teach your child about the American Plains, with a book like Children of the Tipi 

3.  Have an indoor camp out
Tell ghost stories, nap in a sleeping bag and maybe even have a microwave S’more! Give your child a taste of summer – even in the depths of winter – and make them feel like they’re having an indoor campout. You can even set up twinkling lights to look like stars.

4. Play house
Find a place for your old home goods – and a place for your child to feel like they have a house all of their own!

5. Turn it into a music studio
Make your child feel like they have a space to experiment with music all of their own. Bring in a child’s guitar or recorder and let them play, feeling like they’re away from your ears.

6. Make an artists studio
Make your kid’s tent and a studio and your kid an artist! Put their crayons and a small table in the tent so they feel like they have their own space.

7. From teepee to play house
Add board games to your child’s teepee, so they and their friends feel like playing a board game is an adventure.

8. Shh…it’s the library
Make reading feel like an adventure by filling your child’s tent with books.
9. Take a trip
Let your child dream up the trip of their dreams, and decorate their teepee to match their imagination. Foster a sense of adventure in your own house!
10. Make it comfy cozy
Give your child a place to escape for a nap that feels more fun than a traditional bed or crib. Nap time will become an adventure in a teepee that they can decorate themselves!
Tell us about the adventures that your kids take with their teepee! Send us an email here: Blog@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com
You want to buy your kids a customized teepee? We can provide it for you today! Simply check out our own designs here. Or you can send us an email: Sales@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com or via WhatsApp +201062999002 and we deliver worldwide. 
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