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6 Pregnancy Apps to Keep You Sane!

6 Pregnancy Apps to Keep You Sane!

Learning that you’re pregnant can be a delightful time for you and your partner. You’re finally starting the family you’ve been dreaming about and you’re overcome with joy and excitement. But it can also be unchartered territory. There's an endless number of apps out there for moms-to-be and it can be overwhelming to know which ones you need. Here's a list of apps that we recommend to guide you through pregnancy.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that apps work on algorithms, it is impossible for an app to give you precise information about your body. Any information that an app provides is either general information or an estimate. 

Before even conceiving is an excellent time to get in tune with your body and learn about your cycle and fertility. Ovia is a tool for tracking fertility and ovulation which makes a huge difference if you’re trying to get pregnant. With Ovia you can track your cycle, body temperature, and cervical fluids. The app also has other versions for pregnancy and even parenting!

Hello Belly
Pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood are all about the baby. People ask about your little one, and you can’t stop thinking about him/her either. Preparing for their arrival, thinking about what kind of mother you want to be, buying all the necessary baby items, it just never ends! It is, however, essential that you also think and take care of yourself. Your body is going through a miraculous and fundamental change that you shouldn’t take lightly. Hello Belly gives you meditation* exercises and yoga classes to help you maintain a healthy mental and physical state. They also offer visualization tools through augmented reality to help you picture what your baby looks like in your womb.

Another great app for meditation is Expectful. Expectful is designed specifically for the journey of motherhood. From preconception to postpartum, it is here to help keep you calm and relaxed with meditation exercises that range from 5 to 20 minutes. They also cover topics like IVF and emotional selfcare. 

Pregnancy+ gives you daily updates about your baby; their size and what they look like inside your womb. For those hungry for information, Pregnancy+ also gives you lists of common baby items every expectant mother needs during pregnancy and after delivery, a kick counter, and contraction timer. Everything you need to ease those pregnancy nerves. 

Totally Pregnant
Totally Pregnant offers online prenatal and birthing classes. It also offers online video content from pregnant women around the world as well as an online chat community.

Daddy Up*
Dads-to-be can understandably feel left out during pregnancy. Admittedly, their contribution and involvement is pretty minimal. Daddy Up is a wonderful tool to help involve your partner in your pregnancy. The app features simple content to help your partner understand different stages of pregnancy, what you’re going through, and how he can help. Daddy Up also gives your partner the opportunity to track the weekly changes in your baby’s size and learn some pregnancy related terms. 

*Not a free app. If you want to involve your husband but are not yet willing to pay for Daddy Up then your partner can use whichever pregnancy tracking app you prefer, to stay updated with the progress of your baby. 

You certainly don’t have to use all of these apps. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the abundance of information out there. These are tools designed to help you but if they start to become a burden then delete them and go the old fashioned route of listening to your body and not fretting about every little detail. Happy pregnancy mama!

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