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6 Special “self-gifts” this Mother’s Day

6 Special “self-gifts” this Mother’s Day

Mothers are the unsung heroes of our society. Egyptian Mothers especially are notorious for putting their needs last and forgetting to take care of themselves. They can go years without even thinking about their needs, something that is highly appreciated but quite unfair if you ask us. 

Well, in solidarity with self-sacrificing mums, we have created this self-gift idea list to remind you that you can always add one more gift to those that come from your loved ones. It can actually be the most special of all, as it’s stemming for self-love! 

Spa hour, or day!

Who doesn’t love getting pampered? Whether by getting a mani/pedi, facial or a good old massage, getting pampered has got to be the nicest way to spoil yourself. So what better excuse than Mother's day to gift yourself a day at the spa.

A book

If you’re a book lover, having little to no time to read can be frustrating. With the struggles of motherhood, reading probably isn’t high on your list of priorities. This Mother’s day, buy a book and sit down to read with no distractions. If possible, carve out time over the following few days/weeks to make sure you finish that book. Make it a priority!

Netflix yourself

This goes hand-in-hand with reading. Netflix probably isn’t even on your mind especially if you’re a new mom. If you enjoyed binge watching series in your pre-baby life, then this is the perfect time to catch up on the new releases on Netflix. Maybe with some popcorn and a box of your favorite ice cream. 

Jewellery, duh!

It’s the oldest trick in the book, we know! But it works. Egypt has some exquisite local jewellery makers and donning a piece of their work can be a great way to celebrate yourself. 

Take a trip

A weekend getaway can be everything a mother needs to destress from the endless demands of motherhood. You can choose to go solo for the ultimate disconnecting experience or go with a group of friends. Time away with no responsibilities or concerns will help you recharge. Follow your own schedule, sleep in and order room service. And while you’re at it, take that bubble bath too. But you can also choose to join one of the endless yoga and wellness retreats that Egypt has to offer. Go on a hunt for those and you’ll be surprised at the options you have.

Baby Free Day

If taking a trip is unrealistic or not feasible for you, we totally get it. But how about a day in the city just for yourself? You can spend it at the club, at any hotel, with or without friends, or your spouse, whatever your heart desires. But plan it well, and fill it with your favorite activities so you can really make the best of it.

If you have the means, how about a mix of all those above? If you can afford it - money and time wise - you can go on a trip with a book you’ve been dying to get lost into, watch some shows that interest you on Netflix, spend a few hours at the spa if you’ve gone to a hotel, or just sit and tan in the sun. 

However you choose to celebrate this Mother’s Day, we want you to remember that you deserve more than just a day of celebration a year. You rock, mama!!

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