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Beach Bonding Activities with your Little Blessings

Beach Bonding Activities with your Little Blessings

You might be one of the fortunate ones who get to spend the summer months by the beach. The beach is arguably one of the most healing and therapeutic places to be no matter how old you are. But do you find that your kids are restless and get bored easily during summer times by the beach? We know the struggle! Here are some beach-friendly activities to keep your little ones busy.

Cook together
Summer means lots of delicious comfort food! Instead of actually cooking, take this opportunity to get creative with summer-friendly recipes. Think watermelon popsicles, banana ice cream, veggie and fruit smoothies, overnight oats, etc... Any recipe that is served cold (and packed with nutritious ingredients) will be the perfect way to get your kids safely involved in making snacks or lunch. 

Move your body
Exercising as a family is a win-win. You get to spend time together and bond while also doing something for your health and being a role model to your kids. Need we say more?! You can choose the more traditional route of taking a stroll by the beach in the early morning or at sunset but summer also presents the opportunity to explore water sports; take up swimming, kite surfing, or water volleyball. Spend a day snorkeling if you're at the Red Sea.. The possibilities are endless. 

Build stuff
Sand is your child’s blank canvas. They get to be as creative as they want. Join them in building the biggest sand castle, digging the deepest hole or even drawing in the sand. You can even go the extra mile and volunteer to be buried in the sand. Anything to make the kiddos happy. You can also make a big deal out of it, turning it into a competition or snapping pictures, and printing and framing the best of them.

Give back
Since summer gives you and the kids more time than usual, you might want to make the most out of it and introduce your kids to the idea of giving back. Charity work can be very fulfilling and essential to your kids' growth while also leaving an impact on those involved. How you choose to help is absolutely up to you. The important thing is to involve your kids in any way that is age appropriate. Explain to them how crucial it is to give back to society and how they can become aware of the pressing issues surrounding them.

However you choose to spend your summer, make sure you prioritise bonding with your kids. Make as many memories together as you can before they're too cool to hang out with their mum and dad!

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