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Continue the Giving Spirit after Ramadan...

Continue the Giving Spirit after Ramadan...

We may be bidding Ramadan farewell but that doesn't mean the time of giving is over. Giving back is truly one of the greatest principles you can instill in your kids as they grow up. It can also be such a rewarding experience to give back as a family. 

There is no denying that money makes or breaks any non-profit organization but there is always more to do. Here are a few ideas on how to give back other than donating money.

Visit an Orphanage
Kids love interacting and socializing more than anything. They don’t understand the complexity of life or the need for raising funds, they just want to be loved and looked after. The Littlest Lambs is an orphanage in Obour where orphan children of all ages and backgrounds are offered a decent life, the best education and an overall warm place to call home. They are encouraged to interact with life outside to prepare them for adulthood and to dream beyond the boundaries that society puts for them. The Littlest Lambs staff members are trained to deal precisely with traumatized children to help them overcome the heartbreaking reality of their lives. Eid would be a wonderful time to take your kids for a visit for a fun day. Spend time getting to know the kids there. Play with them and give them some much needed bonding time. Take a few games with you, those never hurt!

Visit an Animal Shelter
If your kids are not ready for visiting an orphanage or maybe too young to understand it, then an animal shelter is the second best thing. There are many animal shelters in Egypt that are doing a fantastic job but still need all the help they can get. One example is Talya’s Rescue Furbabies & Co where so many abandoned and sick dogs are taken in and given the care they need. Instead of simply sending money, take your little ones for a day of playing with all sorts of dogs. They are guaranteed to love it. Also this helps get any fears out of the way early on. Win win!

Shop for a Cause*
If you’re worried about visits during these very special circumstances, then we might have just the solution for you. Tawasol, Prosper, and Book it Forward are doing an incredible job by helping those in need in a unique way. Tawasol is a community school in Ezbet Khairallah where girls are given the opportunity for an education while also learning a trade to help them build a life later on. Prosper follows the same method but they employ special needs orphans who would otherwise have no way of earning a living. Book it Forward is a facebook group where the admin collects donated books that are in pristine condition to sell and all the proceeds go to a different organization in need each month. 

Last but definitely not least is baking for your friends and loved ones. Receiving a box of ka7k or Ghorayeba that someone poured their heart into making hits completely differently than store-bought. If you have the time, dedicate a day to baking with your kids. This checks all the boxes, it gets your kids off their phones and gives you some quality bonding time as a family while teaching them about giving back. If possible, maybe even make a few extra boxes to give to those that help you in your daily life (think nanny, maid, driver, etc..). We’re sure they’ll appreciate it. If you’re on the hunt for classic eid recipes then check out the amazing Cleobuttera’s blog

There are many more people doing an outstanding job at giving back. This was just a glimpse of who's doing what out there, but we trust you'll find your own special way of giving back to the community even after Ramadan. 


*100% of the revenues made for any sale goes directly to those who make them.

The Littlest Lambs: https://www.littlestlamb.org
Talya’s Rescue Furbabies & Co: https://www.facebook.com/Talyasrescue/
Prosper: https://www.instagram.com/prosper.handmade/
Tawasol: https://tawasolegypt.org/
Book it forward: https://www.facebook.com/groups/460201300824400

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