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Daytime Indoor Activities for Your Little Blessings (2 of 2)

Daytime Indoor Activities for Your Little Blessings (2 of 2)

As promised, here is part 2 of this topic where we discuss ideas for bonding with tweens!

Tweens (11 to 13 years old)
Tweens can be especially hard to keep off their phones. They’re too cool to hang with their parents and want to be left alone in their little bubble. Here are a few ideas to get them to spend some interactive time with you while doing something fun.

Adult coloring books
Coloring books are a wonderful tool to get creative and de-stress all in one go. Carve out 30 mins or even an hour if your time allows you to color together and maybe even frame your favorite ones and hang them up. 

Get Moving
There is no shortage of online exercise programs these days. Whether they’re interested in HIIT or dancing or even yoga, you can find a program to follow online. You can even explore a few different sports till you both find something that clicks. You can use this to hold each other accountable and motivated. Exercise is always a good idea!!

Movie Marathon Day
This is a sure fire way to get your tweens buzzing. Let them choose a series or movies that they love and make a day out of it. Go all out with popcorn, candy, comfy seating and blankets to keep you cozy. They’re going to love it. (Not quite a Ramadan-suitable activity, but you can always keep it in your backpocket for later)

Learn something new together
Learning a new hobby or language can be a very engaging activity that helps you and your children bond. Have they always wanted to learn French? Bake? Make pottery? Whatever it is that they’ve shown interest in, take the time to explore that together. This is an amazing way to make memories and share something special with your children. 

If you have a bookworm in the house, then buddy reading can be so much fun. You can take turns choosing books. Listening to audiobooks or watching a booktube while you do any of the other activities on the list. You can even help them start a book club. 

Activities for all ages
There are many activities that can be modified to suit different ages and even allow older kids to play with their younger siblings. Check the ideas below:

There are puzzles suitable for all ages. If there’s a big age difference between your kids, then you can have some puzzle time while they each do puzzles that are appropriate for their age. 

Just like puzzles, crafts are very forgiving. Playdough for the little ones and vision board for the older kids. Stamping with fruits for the toddlers and journaling or scrapbooking for the tweens. See where we’re going with this?! You can be as creative as you want. 

If your tweens enjoy being in the kitchen, then baking can be a very exciting activity. Bake some cupcakes with your older kids and have a decoration party with the little ones. Have them choose how they want to decorate, frosting or buttercream? Plain or with sprinkles on top? The sky's the limit. 

“I wonder” Jar
This is one of our favorite activities. Help your kids open up their minds by creating an “I wonder” jar. Have them write down all the things they wonder about. Like “I wonder why the sky is blue”, “I wonder how candy is made”, “ I wonder how fish sleep” collect all these questions in a jar. When they have some free time or are bored, pull one out and start researching together. Read articles, watch videos, even documentaries. 

Let us know in the comments what your kids’ favorite activities are!!

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