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Encourage your kids to read with a special reading corner

Encourage your kids to read with a special reading corner

Do your kids love reading? Do you want to encourage them and help them grow that habit? Dedicating a corner in their room to nothing else but reading is a brilliant way to motivate them to spend more time surrounded by beautiful stories that help their minds expand. 

We've gathered a few tips to help you create a reading corner that they'll love

Pick a theme
Kids get super excited about anything remotely related to their favorite characters. If their room already has a theme, you might want to continue with the same theme. If you've kept the room neutral and simple, then this presents an opportunity to personalise their corner with whatever they love. 

Comfortable Seating
Every bookworm knows the eternal struggle of never finding a comfortable reading position. We have yet to find a solution but a good place to start is comfortable seating options. There are many options depending on the space and your child's preferences, a few ideas are a large arm chair with an ottoman, a lazy boy, or a bean bag. If you decide on a bean bag, then check out our wide selection of themes and colors. Our bean bags are also fully customizable. Click here to shop our store

Little Blessings Bean Bag World Map

Light it Up!
Lighting makes or breaks your reading experience so having sufficient light is essential. If your child likes to read during the day, then place their corner near a large window to allow in natural light. If they're evening readers, then a floor lamp is the way to go. In case they share the room with a sibling who has a different sleeping schedule, then you might want to consider investing in a book light. 

Little Blessings Reading Corner

Smart storage
Most of us don't have the space we wish we had. If that's your case too, then smart storage is the way to go. Think vertical storage to make use of the walls. Maybe underbed storage for books that they don't reach for very often. 

Little Blessings Storage

Declutter frequently
Nothing makes a space unwelcoming like clutter and mess. Get your kids into the habit of decluttering their shelves frequently. They can donate or sell any books they're no longer interested in to make space for new books. 


Book lovers are always on the hunt for book recommendations so let us know in the comments some of your kids (or yours. Adults read too right?) favorite books!

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