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Everyday is Father’s Day!

Everyday is Father’s Day!

Yes, we know we’re a few weeks late to the party but we stand by the title. Fathers (and mothers) should be celebrated every day. We didn’t grow up celebrating Father’s day, it was all about Mother’s day. Father’s day celebrations were deemed a western holiday and not for us. 

Recently, with the rise of international education in Egypt, as well as the general outlook to the West, more and more people have started celebrating their fathers and we are so happy about it. Before you brush it off as yet another disguised attempt at imitating the West, look at the good side (great in fact). In our culture, fathers have always been looked at as symbols of strength, support and "a back to lean on" in literal translation from the Egyptian slang. While these are noble things to associate with your father, they certainly do not encompass the whole picture. 

Fathers provide for their families, but so do mothers. Mothers take care of their children, but so do fathers. You see where we’re going with this? It’s time to start celebrating fathers for the role they play in raising their kids. For how they mentor their kids. For how they support their wives. Fathers should be held to a higher standard because they have so much more to give than money and the most archaic symbol of manhood; physical strength. 

We believe it is also time to throw away this ridiculous belief that fathers can’t care for their kids. We’ve heard this so many times (and we’re sure you have too). The age old idea that fathers can’t possibly provide their children with the love and care they need. What’s up with that? 

We’re here to celebrate the single fathers, the step-fathers, the older brothers who took care of their younger siblings, the uncles who were always there for their nieces and nephews, each and every male figure who defied social norms and stood by those who relied on them for support, love, and care.

Celebrate your fathers today and every day!

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