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Kids, Let’s Gift Grandma

Kids, Let’s Gift Grandma

Grandmothers usually have a very special bond with their grandchildren. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to show grandmothers appreciation for all their support. Show them how grateful you are that they are there to guide you and share those very special moments. 

What better way to show your love and appreciation than with a handmade gift?


Home Decor

Grandmothers spend a fair share of their day at home so it’s important that they enjoy their environment. Spend time with your children making her a piece to decorate her home. A macrame hanging piece, an embroidered art piece, or anything to brighten up her home and remind her of her grandchildren’s love.

Plant Something

If your mother is into any form of gardening, then this is a great opportunity to spend a day all together planting seeds in the garden or in pots to put around the house. It can be a great bonding project between the kids and their grandmother which lasts long after Mother’s Day is over. 


Depending on how old your children are, making candles can be a fun project for them. You can play around with different scents, essential oils, colors and accent elements like dried flowers. These make for a beautiful gift that she can enjoy for a long time.


This also goes hand-in-hand with candle making. If your kids are old enough to handle hot liquid without hurting themselves, then this might be a great idea. Especially if paired with candles to create a set. Choose her favorite essential oils and make a gift basket full of heavenly spa items. We’re sure your mom will love it.


For a simple yet heartwarming gift, we would recommend printing out your favorite pictures of your mother with your kids and framing them or put them in a nice photo album. Bonus points if the kids decorate the photo album themselves for an added personalised touch.

If making a gift with your kids is not feasible, then we recommend getting your mom a customized gift based on her hobbies. 

If she’s a book lover, then a silver bookmark with her name engraved would be a thoughtful gift. You can also buy her a leather bound notebook and a pen engraved with her name so she can write down her thoughts as she reads. If she enjoys cooking or baking then you can buy her a personalised apron and oven mitts set. 

The bottom line is grandmothers want a gift that shows love not just a gift for the sake of buying her something. So try to get her a gift that really matches her interests and also shows how much your kids love and appreciate her presence.

Last but not least, if your kids are old enough to have an allowance, it would be a great way to encourage them to share with a small amount in the gift, this would actually make them proud, and their granny as well!

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