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No time to cook? No worries...

No time to cook? No worries...

If you find yourself constantly wondering “What should we have for Iftar?” Then this list is for you. 

It is undeniable that nothing beats breaking hours of fasting to a delicious home cooked meal, but in reality that’s not always feasible. Between full-time jobs, social obligations and caring for your kids, cooking might not be at the top of your list of priorities. But worry not, the food scene in Egypt has almost everything your heart desires. Let’s get to it:


This is the mother of all ready made food. Their food is quite affordable and of high quality, AND they’re a women-led organisation. From Ma7shi to 7amam to all kinds of Sambousak and even desserts, they’ve got it all. What’s not to like?! And the cherry on top is that they deliver all over Cairo.

Good Food

Good food is the latest to join the party but we’re rooting for them. They have a quirky selection and we’re here for it. They just made late night Shawerma snacks easier with their frozen mini rolls. Now come on, who wouldn’t love stashing some Shawerma and Feteer rolls in the freezer for a rainy day?


Olio is a pioneer in the frozen foods world. It was there before people even realised they needed the convenience of ready made frozen foods! And what’s great about them is that they don’t compromise the quality or hurt your wallets. They've got a wide selection that is sure to please every taste.


Molly’s is what pastry dreams are made of. Their selection is different from what you would expect when we say frozen food but different in a very good way. Freshly baked ciabatta anyone? Crunchy on the outside and pillowy on the inside baguette? Pain-au-chocolate bites? Is there anything better than the smell of fresh pastries filling your kitchen while you not-so-patiently wait for Iftar time? If you’re looking for a change from the hearty Egyptian meals, a side dish, or a simple snack when you’re not fasting, this is the place for you.

Lou Sauce

Lou Sauce is a brand that makes freezer friendly ready to use sauces. It’s a quick fix for whenever you need to have a meal ready in 10 mins or so. They have a variety of sauces ranging from pasta sauces to veggie sauces, that would be a great addition to your fridge or freezer.


Gourmet has become a crowd favorite recently and for good reason. They make delicious frozen foods. What stands out the most from their selection are their soups. We recommend buying and freezing till you need them. Absolutely delicious!


TBS is kind of new to the game of frozen foods but people are loving them, as they do all things TBS. Their selection is limited at the moment but if their frozen foods are anything like their scrumptious pastries then we say it’s a win. 

Let us know your go to places for the best frozen foods. We *and our stomachs* would love to know.

Stay tuned for our upcoming list places to buy kid friendly food!!

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