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Please, break before burnout!

Please, break before burnout!

In today’s constant hustle and busy lifestyle, experiencing a physical and mental burnout is very common. We live in a time where slowing down is a sign of weakness. The media has glorified being busy to the point where taking a break makes us feel guilty. It’s as if we’ve been conditioned to choose stress. 

We are here to tell you, however; it is crucial to learn to take a break, to rest when needed, and to enjoy that down time. It is not weak to rest, and life will not pass you by if you stopped to take care of yourself. 

Here are some things you can do to make that happen:

Take frequent breaks
Nothing guarantees a burnout more than constantly pushing yourself without taking the time to rest and recharge. Scheduling frequent breaks can be immensely helpful in giving you the balance that we all need. Assess your daily responsibilities and schedule breaks ahead of time. Go out for a short walk in between meetings or take a few minutes to enjoy that warm cup of coffee you’ve been craving. You deserve it!!

Pace yourself
We are all guilty of biting off more than we can chew and sometimes we do that too often, equating being busy and with being successful. Just like a marathon, pacing yourself and doing things slowly but surely will guarantee continuance - and success. 

Practice self care
The first image you get when someone says self-care is probably a woman taking a bubble bath while reading. That may indeed be your idea of it, but self-care comes in many different shapes and forms. Whatever helps you recharge your battery is considered self-care. For some, that might be a spa day, or taking the time to read a book. For others, it could be a day out with friends, working out, or even watching your favorite TV shows. Whatever it is that helps you de-stress, do more of it. 

Ask for assistance
If you could do only one thing for yourself, learning to ask for help should be it. No one tells us the importance of reaching out and asking for a helping hand. In fact, we are taught to try and do it all ourselves, and be proud of that! Women are taught to be hyper independent to prove their worth and it’s time this changed. Asking your mother to help you organize your kitchen cabinets, or a friend to babysit is not being dependent, it is being human. Men out there, ask for help as well, won't take anything away from you!

Seek Professional Help
The stigma surrounding mental health issues has always been one of the many reasons people are reluctant to seek help. Times are slowly changing. While people still turn a blind eye to the effects of mental health issues, it has become more accepted to seek help. Seeking professional help for your mental health struggles is actually brave. Instead of burying your head in the sand, you’re choosing to face your struggles head on and find solutions. 

Put yourself first
You’ve probably heard this saying a million and one times but you really can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s a cliche but so very true. You can’t help those around you if you’re constantly drained and in survival mode. Taking some time for yourself is crucial so you can return to your commitments and responsibilities refreshed and energized. 

Reward yourself
What is life without rewards? Rewarding yourself can be your fuel. It can keep you motivated and give you that push that we all need when things get tough. A reward can be buying that gadget that you’ve been saving for or taking a solo trip or buying new PJs so you feel your best even at home. 


Be present
Last but definitely not least, practice being present. Be mindful in your everyday tasks. Don’t think about doing laundry while in a work meeting, and don’t worry about meal prepping for the next day while out with friends. Doing so can be draining and robs you of that quality time. Be mindful and enjoy the present moment

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