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The Best Colors for Kids Rooms

The Best Colors for Kids Rooms

As a parent, you naturally want to select the best and most popular paint colors for kids rooms. In fact; many parents plan for and decorate their baby’s nursery way before the child is born. This is indeed a sensible thing to do, since the last few weeks of pregnancy would not afford one much time and there is also a chance that the child might arrive early. Hence, planning for a child’s room and especially thinking about top kids room color ideas must be done in the early stages of pregnancy.

Color is very important in children’s world. The right choice in paint colors for kids rooms will ensure making the baby feel comfortable and also enhance its sleep and development. Often, energetic and warmer shades are avoided in nurseries since one wants the baby to feel relaxed and sleepy rather than energetic. However, experts recommend using the right combination of energetic and soothing colors in order to achieve a harmonious décor for the overall development of the child.

Selecting the paint colors for kids’ rooms is not just limited to the paint colors of the walls but also in the art work one uses in the room. Here we shall discuss a few offbeat as well as popular kids room color ideas to help you come up with a gorgeous color palette for the walls and the accessories.

  • Grey- Most parents do not select grey as paint colors for kid’s rooms since it is often associated with gloom. However, modern designers use this color for the walls and cleverly make use of accessories to add bright splashes of colors. Grey can also be obtained by mixing blue and orange, green and red or yellow and purple. These are considered sophisticated color choices and can help create a rather warm and vibrant color palette. As far as grey goes, there are several other colors in its family including silver, gold, buttermilk, platinum, or cream.
  • Earthy tones- Parents looking for warm and ‘friendly’ paint colors for kids rooms can never go wrong with earthy tones that include light cream, dark chocolate, and shades of browns. Other top kids room color ideas include mixing these earth tones with natural extensions of orange or reds to enhance the décor. One can also add colors like green (which belong to the other end of the color spectrum) to the earthy tones to evoke images from nature.
  • Active colors- These include energetic colors like reds and pinks. Not only can these be used entirely as paint colors for kids rooms, one can also use them as accents or as bases for objects (wall art and frames etc) in the child’s room.
  • Blue- One can never go wrong with blue as it is considered as one of the best kids room color ideas. It is a cheerful color and can be used with its complementary hues like orange to make the décor pop.
  • Yellow- The sunshine color is usually not used for babies’ rooms as it supposedly makes them cry by causing headaches and irritability. For older kids, however, one can utilize the color in wall art taking care not to overwhelm.
  • Green- Green is considered as the ‘simplest’ of all colors and is also one with nature. It makes for beautiful backdrop as well as accent colors that can be used to hang decorations from.
  • Purple- The color of royalty can be used in shades like periwinkle or lavender for accents as well as in the paint colors for kids rooms walls.
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