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Tynker: Coding Made Easy!

Tynker: Coding Made Easy!

Have you been looking for a way for your kids to have fun while learning something new? Ever thought of teaching your kids coding? Tynker is here to save the day.

If English has been the world's language for the past few decades, coding is hands down the language of the future. Teaching the new generation how to code has become a necessity rather than a luxury for their career success. So why wait to learn something in college when you can start at childhood in fun and age-appropriate ways?

Tynker is a platform designed specifically to teach kids coding. They offer self-paced programs to suit every kid’s needs and schedule. Their programs are suitable for kids as young as 5 years old. How incredible is that? Imagine your kid creating their own app; now that’s something they would find really cool! 

The programs also come with several resources to enhance the learning experience such as interactive explanation, video tutorials, and mini games. Imagine your kid’s excitement when you tell them that they can create their very own video game?! Their dream game can finally make it to reality.

Tynker offers several subscriptions and we’re happy to announce that we bring you a very special promotion exclusive to Little Blessings Family. By using this link here, you get 25% off of the one-year and three-year plans. The promo-code is already applied in the above mentioned link. Tynker offers individual plans as well as family plans if you want to make this a family activity. We’ve got you covered.

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