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Makeover your Kids’ Room, Hassle Free!

Makeover your Kids’ Room, Hassle Free!

Kids grow up faster than we think and soon enough they start to develop their own taste. They will start telling you all about their favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, witches and wizards. They’ll refuse to eat out of plates that don’t have Peppa Pig and only sleep if they’re hugging their Batman stuffed animal. This is reality with little humans. So how can you give their rooms a makeover without the hassle that comes with redecorating?

Wallpaper is an absolutely genius solution. It gives you the chance to revamp your entire space without the long and messy process of painting. You don’t need to cover every inch of the floor and furniture to protect it. You don’t need to air out the room for days to get rid of the paint smell. 

And you know what’s better than wallpaper? Customized Wallpaper! We bet you wish you had those when you were growing up ;). Check out our collection of wallpaper to satisfy every kid’s taste, click here.

But perhaps you’re looking for a smaller change, for time or budget reasons. Changing out a few details around the space can give your kids a feeling of newness and fulfill their fantasy.

Switch out the decor
Pick the theme that your kids are interested in and switch out the wall art and any decor items they have around their rooms. You can go a step further and add a wall clock with that same theme to tie it all together. And you know what work wonders in a room? The Curtains

Replacing the light fixture around the room is a very nice way to incorporate elements of your theme without going all out. You can switch the ceiling lights or their bedside lamp, or a matching set of both. Better yet: write their name in a neon light (perfect for tweens and teens), you will thank us later ;) 

This is our personal favorite, and it’s every child’s favorite too, trust us! Head over to our special collection of bed sets (hyperlink) for kids and babies

However you choose to revamp your kids space, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something that your kids will love on www.LittleBlessingsEgypt.com. Let us know via the comments below or via our social media which items you’ve bought for your kids room that made a difference and that they loved! 

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