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Internship Program

Do you want to join a growing Egyptian startup? Then you have come to the right place!

We are looking for interns to join our startup. You will help with the overall company operations, marketing and help with product development. 

The ideal candidate would have the right attitude to be able to learn new things within our startup; specific to e-commence operations, marketing and product design. During the internship program, the intern will learn the different phases we have within our operational cycle, have a chance to invent new ways (if possible) and work on designing and helping out with different new products and applications that would fit our product market, consumers and our overall target market. The intern will also have a chance to interact with customers and solve any issues that may arise during the operations, product delivery...etc.

Responsibilities / Learnings during Internship Program:

  • Learn about our e-commerce operational cycle, have a chance to review each step and come up with ideas to be able to make the most of our time and resources within the company
  • Help our operational team with order execution
  • Reach out to customers, if needed, to help with their orders or overall issues
  • Work closely with our logistics partner to solve any issues or help in managing our logistics part
  • Research competitors and overall market trends (locally and abroad)
  • Help with developing new products and product design
  • Help with social media platforms


  • Zest to learn new things
  • Strong written and verbal English and Arabic
  • Photoshop and other graphic design applications
  • The right attitude to join a dynamic small team of doers ;)

What will you gain?

  • You will receive an 'Internship' certificate
  • You will experience first hand what it is being part of a startup looks like, and you will have a chance to come up with ideas and see them implemented immediately :) We offer an open space to learn, develop and grow!

To apply, please send us your resume to: Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com make sure to wow us in your cover letter, try not to be boring and professional please :) 

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