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Work @ Little Blessings

We are proud of our current position within the Egyptian market as well as tapping into international markets like the United States, Australia and our expansion throughout the Middle East. 

We are announcing couple of different new positions. If you want to join a new vibrant startup company with numerous benefits, then don't hesitate to contact us via email: work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

Here are our current open positions:

1) Marketing Manager
Do you have passion for marketing? Your job with us will entitle managing the entire marketing portfolio for our company, both online and off-line. To apply, send us your CV and include in your email the answer to this: show us a product/service in Egypt or abroad that you can change one or two things about their marketing plan, and how can this help drive traffic and sales. 
Send your CV with the email subject: 'Marketing Guru' to our email: Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

2) Social Media Associate
We are based online! Our online media team do a terrific job here, yet, we want to expand our reach, our social media activities and become even better. Send your CV as well as any ideas you have for our online presence you think is missing. Check us online and let us know!  Make sure to send your CV with the email subject: 'Social Media Freak' to our email: Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

3) Graphic Designer
The job will entitle responding to the marketing and social media team with graphic requests, product renovation and handle our overall design needs of the company. If interested, send your CV and portfolio with the email subject: 'Killer Graphic Designer' to our email: Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

4) Website Manager
You will be responsible to major website technicalities as well as responding to both front-end and back-end issues. You have to be super dedicated, a geek and a social butterfly. You will need to blend well with our marketing and operations team to drive awesomeness to our online store. We are an online store, so you would join our team of super heroes who make this entire show possible. Send us your CV and previous work with email subject: 'Website Hero' to our email: Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

5) Product Developer
If you have what it takes, show us! This position is offered on both full-time and part-time basis. Send your portfolio to us with the email subject 'Give Me Scissors' to our email: Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

6) Blogger
Do you believe in content? Do you have passion for kids niche? Especially kids' new trends and parenting tips? Do you write in both English and Arabic? You know what is SEO, and content copywriting, content curation... and the entire saga? Then, you need to send us your portfolio immediately with the email subject: 'Content is King' to our email: Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

7) Quality Control Officer
Quality is the most important factor in selling a killer product. Do you have what it takes to be our control person? Then send us your CV with the email subject: 'Meticulousness' to our email: Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

8) Customer Service Manager
We love our customers more than anything. If you know how to handle an angry customer and make them buy you a cup of coffee, then send us how. Make sure to email us with the subject: 'Customer Is Always Right' to our email:  Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com

9) Customer Service Associate
Responding fast, accurate and to the point is what makes us different. Attention to details is a must, and always making sure you make our customers happy with the highest integrity, thoughtfulness and cuteness. Send us your CV with the email subject 'I Love Customers' to our email:  Work@LittleBlessingsEgypt.com


For details about each job, and what it entities, please send us an email and we would be glad to share more details with you.

Yalla, waiting for you to join us!

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