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Big Navy XXL Super-sized Senior Backpack

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This “Super-Sized Senior” backpack is loaded with features and packed with amenities. With a water-resistant 900d fabric you know you have a rugged bag that can last for a few years to come. Each segment has multiple pockets including a padded sleeve to protect your 15-inch laptop or tablet. Multifunctional exterior pockets for safeguarding electronics, personal accessories, and other modern necessities. For easy reach to your tablet you have a large front zipper pocket deep and wide enough for any tablet size. Two additional front pockets with organizer for pens and your phone. Matt finishes aluminum handle for easy carrying. This Backpack is a smart and savvy option to handle the demands of school hallways, sports fields, or exotic Adventures. This bag is particularly useful for high school or college students. Available in a variety of colors and patterns. So come on and bring it on!


  • Dimensions: 48cm *38cm *30 cm
  • External Material: 900d*900d high Strength polyester waterproof coating.
  • Internal Material: Naylon
  • Manufactured in: Made in China

Warranty & Safety:

14-day manufacturer’s warranty against defects – normal wear-and-tear, and misuse excluded. Rigorously tested to ensure that all parts are lead-safe, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and conform to all rules and regulations set forth by the Consumer Products. All CUBS School Bags including this one has a Three-year limited warranty.

How to care of your new bag?

Hand Washes with soapy warm water. Do not bleach or iron or tumble dry. Do not use harsh detergents. Do not leave in the sun to dry but rather in a shaded place.

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Big Navy XXL Super-sized Senior Backpack

Big Navy XXL Super-sized Senior Backpack
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